BLOGTOBER Day 21: Top Five Wednesday Revisited: Top five current favourite albums

It’s been a while since I’ve written about music, so today I’ve decided to focus on my top five favourite albums (at the moment). My original list features five albums which I still absolutely love – and have not been giving enough love to recently – but the five albums below are the ones that you’ll find blasting through in my shower for me to wail along to.

5. FANDOM by Waterparks

The reason FANDOM is coming in at the bottom of this list is because I haven’t actually listened to it in full yet. Gulp.

I know, I shouldn’t including it in a list of my favourite albums if I haven’t heard it in its entirety yet, but my excuse is that I mostly listen to music in the shower and I don’t shower slowly enough for the whole album to play through while I’m in there!

However, the songs which I have heard from this album are some of the best that Waterparks have produced, so even though I mostly just listen to the singles over and over again I enjoy them so much that this album deserves a mention.

Favourite song?: Watch What Happens Next

4. Forever Halloween by The Maine

With Halloween being just around the corner, what better time to rediscover The Maine’s Forever Halloween? Released back in 2013, Forever Halloween was The Maine’s fourth album but it was the first of their releases that I truly fell in love with.

If you’re also a fan of Forever Halloween, The Maine are doing a special livestream on Halloween in which they’re playing the album in its entirety! Tickets are available here for just $5 – if I didn’t have two small children and a full day at work the next day, I’d definitely be snapping one up and rocking out.

Favourite song?: These Four Words

3. TRENCH by twenty one pilots

Until today, the last music-related post I wrote on this site was an Ode to Trench back in 2018. I love this album with my entire heart. Every single second of it is impeccably flawless, and I am so grateful to twenty one pilots for writing, recording and releasing it.

If you’ve never listened to twenty one pilots before, TRENCH is the perfect place to start. It truly has something for everyone – whether you like rap, rock or reggae – and it has some hard-hitting, powerful lyrics which are bound to bring a tear to your eye.

Favourite song?: Neon Gravestones

2. Technology by Don Broco

Although Don Broco’s third album is only two years old, it feels much older because the first single from it was released a whole two years (!!) before the album arrived.

I can’t imagine a time where this won’t be one of my favourite albums. Although I loved Priorities and grew to love Automatic, Technology was an album which I waited a long time for and I loved seeing the Bedford boys go from strength to strength during this album touring cycle. Not only did they return to their rock roots but they went heavier than ever before (and they acquired a cowboy and a cowbell while doing it!).

Favourite song?: Technology

1. Manic by Halsey

Manic has been on repeat in our car pretty much constantly since it was released at the beginning of the year. With the exception of Alanis’ Interlude featuring Alanis Morissette, I found it almost impossible to pick a favourite song, because this album has a song for every mood – it’s definitely the most versatile album on this list! From keying ex-boyfriend’s Ferraris to sharing the pain of a miscarriage, Manic is a raw, emotionally powerful album which shows the strength of Halsey’s songwriting.

Favourite song?: 929

I hope you enjoyed this Top Five Wednesday Revisited post! What is your favourite album at the moment?

See you tomorrow,