Rapid Reviews #4: The Rant edition

Rapid Reviews #4: The Rant edition

So, when I said at the start of my last post that I hoped I’d be posting more regularly, what I actually meant to say was that you wouldn’t get a new post from me for two months.


In all fairness, since the last time I posted I’ve started a BookTube channel (which also isn’t getting updated as regularly as I’d like it to be), but I feel like I needed the time away because I’ve started to crave blogging again.

However, I’ve still been reading an absolute TON, so today I’m popping in to share some rapid ranty reviews. For some reason all of the books I’ve been reading recently have been dreadful, so I want to get all of the negativity out at once so that I can push them all to the back of my mind and pretend that November was a better reading month than it was.

Here goes nothing…

Enchantée by Gita Trelease – 2 stars

I don’t think I’ve ever read a book as boring as Enchantée. After Camille’s parents die she finds herself dragged into the world of Versailles, where she works la magie ordinaire on cards to try to get enough money gambling to support her family. She goes on an air balloon ride with a hot aeronaut – who ends up being an aristocrat who she bumps into at Versailles, risking the secrecy of her double life – but somehow he knows she is Camille (so it’s perfectly fine that he makes out with a girl who looks nothing like the girl he was kissing two weeks ago. Sure…). The second half of the book picked up dramatically, which is why I ended up giving it a second star, but I was honestly falling asleep every five pages. I can’t understand why this book is so hyped, and I definitely can’t understand why it needs a sequel because there are no questions left unanswered and I have no desire to reconnect with these characters in the future.

Everless by Sara Holland – 3 stars

“Wait, Alyce, haven’t you already read and reviewed Everless?”

Why yes, avid blog reader, I have! So I’m not going to say too much about it here because this was just a reread but BOY did that epilogue annoy me more the second time around. I was finally able to put my finger on exactly what my problem with it is: it’s about ten pages too long. If you cut the epilogue in half it retains the tension that the events of the last few chapters creates, but Sara Holland keeps writing when she should just stop. I have a copy of Evermore out of the library, but while I was looking forward to reading it before I reread Everless, I’ve kind of lost all interest since the reread because the dramatic cliffhanger is twisted into an anticlimactic slope. (However, this time around I realised what a massive dick Roan was so I did appreciate that scene at the end a hell of a lot more…)

Rules for Vanishing by Kate Alice Marshall – 3 stars

Rules for Vanishing starts off painfully slowly, but things pick up when a group of teenagers start walking down a road which magically appears in the middle of a forest and start getting picked off one by one. Splicing protagonist Sara’s “witness statements” with interviews, video footage and emails, the multiple styles of storytelling in this novel make it go very, very quickly. However, the ending is an absolute mess. There’s no conclusion at all (and I’m not a fan of a neat ending, I just want something vaguely satisfying that makes at least some sense) and the last part is so rushed that I could almost feel my neck breaking from how rapidly the speed increased. Rules for Vanishing has recently been optioned so I’m VERY interested in seeing how this works on the screen, but I hope the ending is changed dramatically.

We Are Blood and Thunder by Kesia Lupo – 2 stars

We Are Blood and Thunder fell apart in the last quarter, but until that point it was a solid 3 star read. Following two mages, Lena and Constance, we are introduced to the world of Duke’s Forest: a town plagued by a constant storm cloud, where magic is outlawed and no one is allowed in or out. When we meet our protagonists Lena is escaping from Duke’s Forest after being found guilty of being a mage, while Constance is returning home after a long spell away. I’m not sure whether it’s the fault of We Are Blood and Thunder or my fault for reading so many books which are so similar to this, but none of the twists or turns surprised me – in fact, the ‘big reveal’ at the end of the book was something I considered and dismissed within the first few chapters because I thought it was stupidly obvious. The world is interesting, but once again I can’t understand why it needs a sequel because everything is so neatly wrapped up before this book finishes.

Phew, it feels good to get that all out. Hopefully December will be a better reading month, as I have a really strong TBR planned out – maybe this is my punishment for borrowing books from the library willynilly.

Have you read any of these books, and if you have how would you rate them? Leave your comments down below. I’ve missed chatting with you all!

Until next time,