June wrap-up

It’s only while writing my June wrap-up that I realise my April and May wrap-ups are still floating in draft purgatory. Oops. Those will be up… Eventually!


Things are still pretty hectic in the Hunt/Lamb household. Our little girl has gone through yet another growth spurt, and the blistering heatwave that England is currently experiencing hasn’t helped the ceaseless feeding one bit. That being said, she’s doing really well: she’s such a happy baby, and her big beaming smile fills me with such joy. She’s not rolling over just yet, but she’s having her third lot of vaccines next week so that next milestone should be ticked off soon enough.

Work has been pretty nonstop. I’m enjoying it, but when you sign up for a Sunday job and end up working seven days in a row (which should have been 12, but you got sent home sick)? That’s not the best. Trying to express enough milk to last through each shift has been a nightmare! Hopefully the amount of shifts I’m getting will calm down sooner rather than later.

In other news, my grandad had his hip replacement last week. I mentioned the fact that he was waiting for one back in February, but he actually had it done last Thursday and it all went remarkably smoothly. So smoothly, in fact, that he went home on Saturday and has already conquered the stairs up to his bedroom! I’m so proud of him, and I can’t wait to see how much easier things get now that he’s been given back a huge amount of mobility.


In case you haven’t realised, I’ve actually been a bit more active this month than I have the last few. Instead of prioritising sleep, I thought it was time that I started prioritising the blog again. I’d been missing it so much. I’ll admit, juggling a blog and a job and a three-month-old is not the easiest, and I should probably be less tough on myself when I miss posts… But I’m just such a perfectionist, goddammit.

I’m not going to post stats this month because I still haven’t finished sorting out and uploading the posts that I missed at the beginning of the month, but stats will be back next month.


I haven’t actually written any live reviews for a while, but I did go to two shows in June: Taylor Swift’s first headline show at Wembley Stadium, and Foo Fighters second night at London Stadium. I genuinely think Taylor Swift might be the best live performer I’ve ever seen, but Dave Grohl and gang are always at the top of their game, so they were two remarkably fun nights. Reviews of both will be coming soon.


I’m still in the middle of a reading slump, but in June I managed to read 5 books. I finished off the Make More Noise! anthology, read Chemistry Lessons by Meredith Goldstein with my boyfriend, caught up with the Murder Most Unladylike series by reading A Spoonful of Murder, and finally read Rebecca Barrow’s debut, You Don’t Know Me But I Know You. I also read Chris Killen’s debut, The Bird Room, but I haven’t decided whether to review that one or not because it was pretty… Interesting.

We’re only a day into July and I’ve already nearly read a whole book (Prom by Laurie Halse Anderson) so I’m hoping that the reading slump might finally be over. I guess we’ll see at the end of the month.


That’s it for this wrap-up. How was your June?