Sub of the Day reviews

Sub of the Day reviews

I’m a huge fan of Subway. It’s one of the only fast food places that I actually like (with the exception of McDonald’s Garlic Mayo Chicken wrap, which I can never resist). So when Subway announced that they were bringing back their Sub of the Day menu for three months, I couldn’t help myself.

Over the last seven weeks, I’ve attempted all of the Sub of the Day flavours. I finally tried the last sub today, so I’m finally able share my thoughts. I tried all of these subs with chipotle sauce, tomato, cucumber and lettuce on Italian Herbs and Cheese bread: that’s my standard addition to any sub order, but it’s possible that some of them may have worked better without it…

Monday – Cheese and Onion:

The most disappointing of the subs. The onion flavour is overpowering, so you could remove ‘Cheese and’ from the title and it would be a more effective description. 1.5/5

Tuesday – Mango Chicken Tikka:

Misleading. On the image it looks like physical chunks of chicken, but in reality it’s a kind of chicken infused paste applied to the bread and spread all around. The person who served me also seemed confused by this, putting chunks of chicken tikka on the bread just to pluck them off and put them back in their tub (which, by the way, seems to me to violate all kinds of food safety regulation… But oh well!) 3/5

Wednesday – Meat Feast: 

To quote Joey Tribbiani: “Meat? Good!”. The meatballs add a great texture, while the spicy ham give the sandwich a bit of a kick. The pepperoni seems a little unnecessary, but who’s going to say no to more meat for the same price? 3.5/5

Thursday – Nacho Chicken Salsa: 

I had been expecting the nachos to be crushed, so when the server starts carefully applying complete Doritos to the bread I was a little concerned. Luckily they went soft and mushy during the heating process, so it wasn’t a hassle to eat, but I can imagine this one would have been a problem if I’d elected to bypass the cheese and toasting section of the Subway experience. 4/5

Friday – Fiery Tuna: 

Less fiery than expected going in, shockingly fiery coming out. If you have an event on Saturday that doesn’t require sitting, you should definitely eat this one. Again, the filling was applied as a paste, but although it looks disgusting it tastes great. 4.5/5

Saturday – Pepperoni Pizza: 

Disappointing. I was most excited about trying this sub, but it didn’t really do anything for me. It wasn’t bad, but it was a little boring compared to some of the more interesting combinations throughout the week. 2/5

Sunday – All Day Mega Melt: 

Conflicting. The egg has a terribly rubbery texture that made me feel a little nauseous, but the sausage was delightful. I couldn’t really taste the bacon, which wasn’t a bad thing because I’m not a huge fan of bacon. 2.5/5


As you can see, some of these subs are ones that they should really add to their permanent menu, while some are skippable. You’ve got until the 26th of June to get yourself down to your local Subway, so make sure to report back on which one is your favourite.