Review: The Wombats – Sound Knowledge Marlborough, 14/02/2018

Review: The Wombats – Sound Knowledge Marlborough, 14/02/2018

Although the relentless rain refused to stop for a single second, the room – and the courtyard outside – were packed with people desperate to see The Wombats. The Liverpudlian trio have built a loyal fanbase over the past 15 years, and with the release of their fourth album, Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life, they’re continuing to make chart-friendly, singalong stuffed indie rock.

Vocalist Matthew ‘Murph’ Murphy shared that the band were having “the craziest week since sliced bread”, with numerous performances and signings at venues around the country. Taking to the stage 30 minutes after advertised, they ran through a remarkably brief soundcheck before diving into recent single Lemon to a Knife Fight.

Playing a mixture of old and new material, the band sped through renditions of Greek Tragedy, new track Turn and fan favourite Let’s Dance To Joy Division before leaving the stage.

The Wombats performing Turn, from their newest album.

Old but gold: Let’s Dance to Joy Division

Although they only performed four songs, the band made the effort to perform tracks from most of their previous releases (only excluding 2011’s This Modern Glitch), and despite the downpour outside, it was impossible to leave the building without a little piece of summer warming up an otherwise chilly Valentine’s day.


Lemon to a Knife Fight
Greek Tragedy
Let’s Dance to Joy Division

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life, please consider using my Amazon affiliate link. The Wombats are touring throughout the UK in March: if you can get hold of a ticket, you’ll be in for an extremely fun night.