BLOGTOBER Day 29: Ideas for a fun, COVID-secure Halloween

This entire year has been a bit of a disaster. Mother’s Day was cancelled, Easter was cancelled, Father’s Day was cancelled and it’s looking more and more likely that Christmas will not be going ahead the way we’re used to, either. With that in mind, 

BLOGTOBER Day 27: Top Ten Tuesday: Ten favourite candies

It’s only four days until Halloween, so for today’s Halloween freebie I decided to shine a spotlight on my favourite candies. I have the biggest sweet tooth in the world – which is dangerous, because I work in a chocolate shop – so if you 

BLOGTOBER Day 23: Book-to-screen adaptations I want to see

In direct contrast to yesterday’s list of five book-to-screen adaptations which I’ve already seen, today’s list features five book-to-screen adaptations that are at the top of my list of things I want to watch. The Hate U Give I read The Hate U Give last 

BLOGTOBER Day 22: Book-to-screen adaptations I’ve seen

I haven’t seen a lot of adaptations, but I’ve always wanted to watch more of them. This is something I’m going to try to focus on next year, so I thought that I’d use today and tomorrow to discuss book-to-screen adaptations – the ones I’ve 

BLOGTOBER Day 20: Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books I’ve Read Because of Recommendations

I’m someone who normally runs out and purchases my friend’s recommendations immediately… Then they sit festering on my shelves for so long that I completely forgot who recommended which book to me. (I’m terrible, I know). However, these ten books are ones which remind me 

BLOGTOBER Day 19: Barking ‘Bout Books Tag

I was only talking about Erik from Breakeven Books a couple of days ago when I shared a list of my favourite Booktubers, so imagine my excitement when I discovered that he’s made a book tag! I discovered this tag when I saw Andrew from 

BLOGTOBER Day 17: 10 favourite Booktubers

Every evening while eating dinner, Sean and I wrestle the TV remote away from Zophia so that we can watch some Booktube. For today’s Blogtober post I thought I’d shine a light on the 10 Booktubers we enjoy watching the most, so that you can 

BLOGTOBER Day 14: TOP FIVE WEDNESDAY REVISITED: Top five anticipated pre-orders

After participating in Top Ten Tuesday yesterday, it made me really miss Top Five Wednesday. Unfortunately Lainey and Sam put Top Five Wednesday on haitus so there are no new topics to take part in. Instead I’ve decided to do TOP FIVE WEDNESDAY REVISITED – 

BLOGTOBER Day 12: Tips for reading more

I read a lot. I’ve read over 200 books this year already (admittedly I was on maternity leave until the middle of February and then on furlough during lockdown between March and July, so this is better than it would have been in a normal 

BLOGTOBER Day 9: Booktube goals

This post should have gone up yesterday, because that was my official one year anniversary on Booktube, but I got too excited about beautiful book covers – oops! I’m not someone who likes setting goals or targets for this blog or my channel, because if