TOP TEN TUESDAY: Reasons I love reading

TOP TEN TUESDAY: Reasons I love reading

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl.

I’m glad this week’s Top Ten Tuesday is a chilled out topic, because my brain is exhausted from my first week of training at my new job! I’m sorry if I post less regularly for a couple of weeks, but I’ll try to be here for Top Ten Tuesday each week, no matter what.

This week, I’m sharing ten reasons why I love reading.

…because it involves active concentration

I don’t enjoy watching TV or films because they involve passive consumption. You sit, you watch, you turn your brain off for a couple of hours and just enjoy what you’re seeing. Or, at least, that’s how it’s supposed to happen. When I watch TV or films, my brain wanders off by itself and I find myself feeling fidgety, distracted and impatient. By the end of the show I’ve either gone and grabbed something else to do while it plays in the background, or I realise I’ve hardly absorbed anything I’ve seen because my brain has been on its travels.

When it comes to reading, however, I catch myself doing and can stop myself. If my brain is thinking about other things I look away from the book and stare into space for a few minutes until I’ve followed the thought through to its conclusion, then I give myself a little mental shake and return to reading. I take in a lot more when I’m reading, so it feels satisfying, entertaining and it’s a worthwhile time investment.

…because it will never end

Yes, each individual book I read comes to an end, but reading isn’t a hobby you can ever finish because there are too many books in the world for anyone to rad them all in one lifetime (not even taking into account the books written in other languages which I wouldn’t be able to pick up).

I don’t like video games much because most of them are over when you complete them. Yes, you can play them again, but it’s not as engaging or fun second time around. That’ll never be a problem with books, because even if I read all of the books I own then I can just head to a library!

…because it’s fun for all the family

I read books out loud to my partner, and we both read books all the time to our Baby Bumbles. It’s great to have an interest like reading which you can share with family members of all generations.

…because it makes me feel smart

I know that reading doesn’t inherently make you smarter, but when I discover that I’ve read a classic book which is on one of those ‘Books You Must Read Before You Die’ lists, I feel a little burst of pride.

…because it’s a great way to make friends

The bookish community is a wonderful place. Since starting my Booktube channel I’ve made so many great bookish friends (to add to the collection of folks I’d gathered through this blog and over on Twitter). I’m yet to meet any of my bookish friends in real life, but I HAVE made some real life friends who are bookish, and I treasure them greatly.

…because it’s a great way to connect with colleagues

This works well for me because I used to work in a library, so bonding with my colleagues involved gushing over books all the live long day and it made me some lifelong friends. However, I’ve only been working for my new company for a week and I’ve already had conversations with two different people about the books we’re currently reading. This is a win-win, because I get book recommendations and feel more comfortable in a new environment!

…because it allows you to explore different lands (both real and imaginary!)

I’m not somebody who has travelled across the globe. In fact, I’ve only been to Ibiza on an all-inclusive holiday with my mum when I was 12. I’ve never even been to Scotland! So reading gives me a taste of a different cultures and locations across the world, and is helping me to decide which of those locations I would like to visit when I’m older.

You also get to explore imaginary, awe-inspiring and thought-provoking worlds which have literally been crafted from scratch in someone’s MIND. That is so amazing!

…because it helps you understand other people’s viewpoints

There are some life experiences which I will never have. By reading books from the viewpoint of people who have experienced those things, it will give me a greater sense of understanding of their feelings and their struggles, and increase my sense of empathy.

I think reading is one of the reasons why I’m always patient with customers, and forgiving if they’re in a bad mood and they decide to take it out on me. You never know what someone has going on in their personal lives, so it’s always best to practice forgiveness and try to brush things off instead of taking them personally.

…because it makes for amazing home decor

You don’t have to own physical books to be a reader. You don’t have to have an extensive library, and you’re just as legitimate of a reader if you only own eBooks or audiobooks.

That being said, my personal library is my pride and joy. Acquiring a new gorgeous special edition fills my heart with such happiness, and I love seeing them up on the shelves decorating my living room. I even ended up impressing my midwives with my home library when they arrived for my homebirth!

…because there’s nothing I’d rather do with my time

When I have a bit of downtime, I automatically want to read. There’s nothing I would rather do in the world. I read while I’m walking, I read while I brush my teeth, I read before bed… I’ve even read at a concert in the past because I was that addicted to the book I was reading on the journey to the venue.

I don’t know who I would be without reading, and I think that’s one of the reasons I love reading so much. It’s a huge part of me, and I’m pretty happy with who I am at the moment. If reading has contributed to that, I owe it a lot, and that’s enough of a reason for me to love it.

I hope you enjoyed this Top Ten Tuesday! What’s the biggest reason you love reading?

Thanks for visiting, and I’ll see you again next week,