BLOGTOBER Day 27: Top Ten Tuesday: Ten favourite candies

It’s only four days until Halloween, so for today’s Halloween freebie I decided to shine a spotlight on my favourite candies.

I have the biggest sweet tooth in the world – which is dangerous, because I work in a chocolate shop – so if you haven’t tried any of these sweets yet you need to, because I’m an expert in my field!

10. Coconut Eclair

The only reason that the Quality Street Coconut Eclair is at the bottom of this list is because it’s really hard to buy them individually. You never get enough of them in the Quality Street tub so my cravings are never satisfied.

People will tell you that the Coconut Eclair is the worst chocolate in the Quality Street collection, but that’s because people are basic and they don’t appreciate the taste of coconut as much as they should.

If you love Bounty, this is a must try.

9. Drumsticks

While I was pregnant with Ezra last year, I ended up with a craving for Drumsticks the likes of which I’ve never before experienced. It was so bad that Sean knocked one out of my hand in the car – well, he didn’t even knock it out of my hand, he asked me to charge his phone and in the process I dropped it – and I got so upset that I shouted at him and wouldn’t speak to him for almost ten minutes. With my mum in the back of the car. Awkward.

Until that point I’d never been a huge fan of Drumsticks, but now my mouth waters every time I see one of them. It’s conflicting.

8. Fruit Salad

According to its makers, Fruit Salad is meant to be a raspberry and pineapple flavoured chew, but I have only really gotten pineapple from those. It meant that until now I’ve been really confused on why they decided to put pink on the packaging…

That being said, it has been a while since I’ve managed to find Fruit Salads anywhere. Since they changed the recipe to be vegetarian I think I’ve only managed to find them once: I don’t know if it’s because they’re less popular so places have stopped selling them, or whether they keep selling out!

7. Black Jack

Black Jacks are very similar to Fruit Salad in size, but they certainly pack a punch as they’re aniseed flavoured.

I’m a fan of anything aniseed. Aniseed balls, sambuca… I could eat the stuff all day every day. Which means the only reason that Black Jacks are so low on this list is because they’re too small to fully satisfy me! I need a huge Drumstick-sized Black Jack and I need it now!

6. Love Hearts

Love Hearts are one of Sean’s favourite sweets, and his love of them has made me appreciate them a lot more. We have even discussed getting packets with personalised labels for party favours when we get married!

I do think it’s very fun that they now include Love Hearts with emoji faces in them. This is a sweet which is trying hard to stay relevant, and they deserve props for that.

5. Bubblegum Bottles

The only reason bubblegum bottles aren’t at the top of this list is because it is SO EASY to get them wrong.

I’m talking the traditional bubblegum bottles that you can find in the Pick ‘n’ Mix at Wilko, not the basic bitch bubblegum bottles from Haribo. They just aren’t right!

4. Wham

The top four on this list are of such a high calibre that it’s pretty much impossible to choose between them.

If you haven’t tried a Wham before, it’s a gorgeously sour chewy bar of a highly unnatural pink colour. Fun to eat, not so fun to look at!

3. Dipdab Softies

First of all, can I just say how hard it is to spell Dipdab?! I know you spell it exactly as you say it but goddamn I just keep writing dipdap or dibdab.

I’m not a fan of Dipdabs because they are messy. I do not like getting sticky, so getting absolutely covered in sherbet powder is my worst nightmare. However, the Dipdab Softies allow you to experience the taste of a Dipdab without all of the mess, which makes it a winner in my eyes.

This is the best of all of the softies, with the Refreshers Softies coming in a very close second.

2. Thorntons Alpini Praline

I am slightly biased because I do work for Thorntons… but I’m not getting paid to write this blog post and you aren’t in my shop so I’m not trying to get your money into my till, so this is a completely honest opinion!

The alpini praline is HEAVENLY. Part of Thorntons Continental range, the Alpini is a combination of hazelnut and almond pieces with a dusting of powdered sugar over the top. Before working at Thorntons I wouldn’t eat any chocolates with nuts because I was too scared of them, but as soon as I tried the Alpini it catapulted into my all-time favourites list.

1. Refreshers

I find it impossible to pick a favourite flavour of Refresher. The blue ones are lemon – a flavour which I don’t normally enjoy – while the pink ones are strawberry flavoured.

I could happily eat Refreshers all day, every day, no matter which flavour you offered me.

I also want to give an honourable mention to Peeps. I’ve only thought of them as I’ve finished this post, and I really enjoy them too – they’re marshmallows coated in a crystallised sugar which gives them a really satisfying crunch, and they’re available in lots of fun shapes – but it’s too hard to pick a sweet to kick off of this list in favour of Peeps!

Which sweets are your absolute favourites?

See you tomorrow,