BLOGTOBER Day 17: 10 favourite Booktubers

Every evening while eating dinner, Sean and I wrestle the TV remote away from Zophia so that we can watch some Booktube. For today’s Blogtober post I thought I’d shine a light on the 10 Booktubers we enjoy watching the most, so that you can discover some new channels for your sub list!

10. Elliot Brooks

The only reason Elliot’s channel isn’t higher on this list is because she primarily features sci-fi and adult fantasy novels, and those are genres that I don’t read enough of at the moment. I have so many of Elliot’s recommendations sitting on my shelves which I haven’t had a chance to get to yet, but when I do I think she’ll be shooting up this list.

9. Codie’s Book Corner

Codie is the creator of Wheel of TBR, which is cited as being the first official TBR game, so she changed the face of Booktube pretty dramatically. I watch every single one of her Wheel of TBR videos and enjoy them, but I don’t find myself straying to her channel too often throughout the month as she focuses primarily on reading vlogs which are slightly too long to squeeze in while eating dinner.

8. Breakeven Books

I discovered Breakeven Books when Erik’s boyfriend chose his TBR for a month, and have been avidly watching his channel ever since. I mean, his profile picture is him holding Red Rising by Pierce Brown… How could he not become one of my favourite Booktubers?!

7. Reading With Nori

Nori has recently hit 5,000 subscribers, and her channel is going from strength to strength. I discovered her channel through her TBR Cookie Jar and think she’s so funny – her reactions to some of the books she picks out of her jar are priceless! Nori is also a huge manga and graphic novel lover, which is an area that doesn’t seem to get much appreciation in Booktube, so if you also enjoy reading books in those formats then you should check out Nori’s channel.

6. Chelsea Palmer

Recently Chelsea’s channel has been intensely focused on unboxings so I haven’t watched her videos for a while, but she was the first Booktuber that Sean and I watched together because we both enjoyed her videos. Chelsea owns goats and sometimes lets them pick her TBR for her, and those videos are my favourite – definitely something to cheer you up on a gloomy day.

5. Jadey Rae Reads

Jadey Rae Reads is the creator of TBR Pursuit and one of the co-hosts of the Middle Grade Monthly book club. Jade is much more critical than most of the Booktubers I watch and isn’t afraid to tear a book to pieces if it really annoys her, but she does it in such a considered way that you find yourself beginning to agree with her (even if she’s talking about one of your favourite books).

4. Becca and the Books

Becca and the Books is the creator of Bookopoly and Bookoplathon. Although our reading tastes don’t always align – she’s a big fan of smutty novels and those in the New Adult genre, while I tend to stray away from those – I find her Bookopoly videos very entertaining, and I’m always interested to hear what she thinks of books (even if they aren’t ones I’d necessarily read myself). Her love for Sarah J. Maas is limitless, so if you haven’t read a Sarah J. Maas book yet that’ll change as soon as you watch one of Becca’s videos.

3. Jessie Mae

I discovered Jessie Mae’s channel thanks to her Roll the Dice Game TBR, and was so glad that I did. Jessie Mae is eternally optimistic. Even if she hates a book she always tries to see the positive sides of it and can recognise that there will be someone who thinks it’s their favourite book, and I really admire that. I can be a bit of a pessimist when I’m talking about a book I hate, but I aspire to be a bit more like Jessie Mae. She also does Booktuber shout outs at the end of each of her videos to support smaller creators, which is such a great way of boosting the platforms of those whose videos you enjoy!

2. BooksandLala

Kayla’s channel is *chef’s kiss*. As I’ve said earlier I normally stray away from longer videos, but BooksandLala is the exception to the norm. No matter how long her videos are, I watch them as soon as they’ve been uploaded (even if I have to watch them in four or five 20 minute chunks). Kayla is a very organised reader, reading books that are similar so that she can compare them and recommend which ones are best in certain categories, and I aspire to one day reach her level of organisation in my own reading.

1. How To Train Your Gavin

Gavin ALWAYS makes me laugh. No matter how bad my day has been, if Gavin has uploaded a new video it’s bound to make me smile within the first couple of minutes and always lifts my moods. The creator of Believathon, Gav is a passionate supporter of middle-grade novels and authors (who isn’t afraid to get NSFW at times!) and I can’t wait to take part in Believathon round 3 next month.

I hope you enjoyed this list! Who are your favourite Booktubers? Recommend them in the comments – I’d love to find some new channels to watch.

See you tomorrow,