BLOGTOBER Day 16: Most anticipated 2021 releases

I’m going to be showcasing a whole bunch of 2021 releases that I’m excited for during Bookmas, but I thought I might as well get the 2021 ball rolling with a post today.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for 2020 to be over. It has been a weird year since the start, and I’m hoping 2021 is going to be an improvement!

The 2021 publishing calendar is already looking pretty stacked, so here are the 10 titles I’m already looking forward to picking up. Click any of their titles to visit their Goodreads pages if you’re also wanting to add them to your TBR shelf.

10. A Dark and Hollow Star by Ashley Shuttleworth

As soon as I saw the cover for A Dark and Hollow Star I thought, “ooh, that looks like the kind of book Owlcrate would feature in their boxes”, so if their February theme matches this synopsis you heard it here first! A Dark and Hollow Star is being described as “The Cruel Prince meets City of Bones” and I enjoyed both of those books and have been wanting to read more urban fantasy, so Ashley Shuttleworth’s debut sounds like it’s really going to appeal to me.

9. Be Dazzled by Ryan La Sala

A boy called Raffy is determined to win a cosplay competition so that he can follow his dreams of attending art school, but his main competition is his ex-boyfriend, Luca. This synopsis gives me Project Runway vibes but I love the fact that it has a nerdy twist – I think this one is going to be entertaining, fun and inspiring all at once! Be Dazzled is released on January 5th, so it’s one of the first books coming out in 2021.

8. The Project by Courtney Summers

This book has been on my radar since BooksandLala mentioned it in one of her upcoming releases videos. There are a few reasons I think I’m going to love this one: it’s being published by Wednesday Books (who are known for publishing YA novels which are normally darker and hard-hitting), and it’s following a journalist who is investigating the cult that her sister is a part of. I love journalism, I always want to love cult stories but end up being disappointed by them, but hopefully this one will actually work for me.

7. The Yearbook by Holly Bourne

The Queen of UKYA is releasing what’s bound to be another corker in May. Following a girl called Paige who is determined to get the truth in the Yearbook, this is being described as “The Perks of Being a Wallflower meets Mean Girls” and Holly Bourne always writes teen drama very realistically, which makes me think this one is going to be enjoyable.

6. Witches Steeped in Gold by Ciannon Smart

Sworn enemies teaming up to take down a mutual threat? I’m getting strong enemies-to-lovers vibes from this book (and if I’m right then it’s hella sapphic) and I’m so ready to just READ THIS ALREADY. Also, Jamaican-inspired with a very gorgeous cover! If I don’t pre-order this I’m 100% asking for a copy for my birthday because it’s out the same week.

5. 10 Truths and a Dare by Ashley Elston

I really enjoyed 10 Blind Dates, so I’m looking forward to picking up this companion novel. While 10 Blind Dates is set at Christmas, 10 Truths and a Dare is set in summer during Senior Week which means I’ll definitely be picking it up soon after its release in May. I can’t wait for the cover to be revealed: it’s bound to be a cute one!

4. Within These Wicked Walls by Lauren Blackwood

I disliked Jane Eyre but I loved the concept and I think that’s why I keep finding myself drawn to Jane Eyre retellings. This one seems like it could be something special, though. Not only is it being published by Wednesday Books (who are also publishing The Project) but it’s also Ethiopian-inspired, and that sounds like one hell of a combination!

3. The Girls I’ve Been by Tess Sharpe

The bisexual daughter of a con-artist gets caught up in a bank robbery with her ex-boyfriend and her girlfriend… Need I say more?! I think this could easily become my favourite book of all time, but I haven’t heard many people talking about it just yet so I’m trying not to get too excited. The Girls I’ve Been is released on January 26th.

2. Mark My Words by Muhammad Khan

Mark My Words was initially slated for a summer 2020 release, but unfortunately was pushed back to February 2021. Following a teen journalist called Dua Iqbal as she investigates accusations of drug dealing which are leveled against some of her classmates, this sounds like it’s going to be a gritty mystery and I am here for it.

1. Concrete Rose by Angie Thomas

I thought The Hate U Give was an amazingly powerful debut, so when Angie Thomas announced that she was writing a prequel – following Starr’s father Maverick as he becomes a father for the first time and tries to go straight – I was so excited. This book comes out on January 21st so it’s one of the earliest 2021 releases, but it means the year is starting strongly.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Which 2021 release are you most excited for?

See you tomorrow,