Top Ten Tuesday: Outrageous bookish things I’ve done

Top Ten Tuesday: Outrageous bookish things I’ve done

I found it really hard to think of ten things to put on this week’s list, because I haven’t done anything that outrageous in the name of books. I just about managed to scrabble a list together… Then I completely forgot to write it up and post it, because I had some teeth taken out yesterday and I’ve been a little bit distracted. Oops.

So, here’s this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, on a Wednesday. Hopefully it was worth the wait.

10) Reading at work

Okay, so this wasn’t so outrageous a couple of years ago because I used to work in a library. If you aren’t allowed to read in the quiet moments there, where are you allowed to? However, I now work in Thorntons, so it’s a bit more outrageous when I’m hooked on a book and can’t resist pulling out my phone to read a few more pages when the shop is empty. Shh, don’t tell anyone!

9) Pulled an all-nighter

Who hasn’t done this? I feel as though it’s in chapter one of the introduction to being a bookworm. When I was little I used to stay up as late as possible reading every single night, and in the past couple of years I’ve pulled all-nighters reading Patricia Cornwell, Jilliane Hoffman, Jenn Bennett, Cassandra Clare and Jennifer E. Smith novels.

8) Dropped my phone on my baby’s head

Awkward, but unfortunately I did drop my phone on Zophia’s head a couple of times in the early months while I was reading on my Kindle. I used to find breastfeeding extremely painful, but focusing all of my attention on a book helped me dissociate and get on with it without too much agony. Unfortunately, babies have terribly startly arms, and there were a couple of times that she threw her hand up and caused me to knock her little noggin with my phone. Thankfully she never seemed to notice – she was far too interested in feeding!

7) Read during a concert

Sorry, Taking Back Sunday, but Wing Jones was just too good to resist. I’ve never been able to read during a show before – the most I can do is flick through a few pages between bands – but I finished my chapter after the band took to the stage without feeling any remorse.

6) Saved a book from the bin

Outrageous, or just gross? As I said, I used to work in a library, so if a book was returned in really bad condition and we were unable to repair it or sell it on the book sale then they had to go in the bin. Once upon a time one of my colleagues had just decided to throw out a book which had severe water damage – so much so that it was still damp – but it was the third book in a series that I was planning on reading so I took it home and gave it a new lease of life!

5) Saved a book from the side of the road

Much the same as the previous point. There was a Mills & Boon novel chucked at the side of the road and I love books so much that I couldn’t leave it there, I felt too guilty! I never read it and ended up donating it to a charity shop last year, but I hope someone got some enjoyment out of it.

4) Wasted the night before my birthday saving picture books

Another library anecdote! Someone’s child knocked an entire can of Coke into the dual language picture books, and I was determined to save as many of them as possible. I took two crates home, sat up until the early hours of the morning on my birthday and gently folded paper towels around each and every damp page and corner (with the help of my mum, who really didn’t deserve to be dragged into it!). We ended up only getting rid of a handful of books despite the fact that the entire collection had been soaked. I’m still proud of how much I cared about that particular task.

3) Pulled muscles after buying too many books

Every time I go to the Oxfam bookshop and the Salvation Army charity shop in London, I end up coming away with hundreds of books. There have been times when I’ve found myself travelling across London with two huge carrier bags full of books, books spilling out of my previously empty rucksack, while staggering up and down the stairs in various tube stations. It’s not a surprise that this has resulted in more pulled muscles than I can remember.

2) Felt empowered and shouted at a driver

While I was reading The Burning by Laura Bates, a driver sped around the corner without indicating while my daughter and I were in the middle of crossing the road. After I reached the pavement on the other side he started honking at me and shouting that I needed to be more careful, so – filled with the feminist rage that Bates had instilled in me – I yelled back. I’m not a very assertive person, so I still feel proud of myself for that moment: if I’ve looked both ways before crossing the road and you’ve decided to take the risk of speeding without indicating on a dark street, then you deserve to feel ashamed.

1) Bought a suitcase to get all my books home

When my mum and I went to Weymouth a few years ago, I went on a book buying BONANZA. There was a closing down sale in The Works, all of the books less than 20p, and we bought so many (combined with all of the titles we’d picked up from various charity shops throughout the week) that we ended up needing to purchase a suitcase just to get them home. An entire suitcase of books was pretty hard to get from the platform onto the train, but it was definitely worth the pain (and a couple more pulled muscles, too…)

I hope you enjoyed this Top Ten Tuesday! What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve done in the name of books?