Top Ten Tuesday: Things that make me pick up a book

Top Ten Tuesday: Things that make me pick up a book

It’s been hard to narrow this list down to just ten, because there are so many different reasons I choose to read a book. I’ve had a lot of fun trying to pick which are my top ten reasons, though – I hope you enjoy this list as much as I liked making it!

10) View potential

Okay, so this is a totally self-absorbed reason, but sometimes I do choose to read a book based off of how successful I think a review post about it could be. I’d be surprised if other bloggers didn’t feel the same – isn’t that one of the reasons that we sign up for blog tours and read and review books by majorly hyped authors?

9) Proof design

This reason is quite shallow – almost as shallow as judging a book by its cover (which is coming later on in this list, don’t you worry!) – but if a book has an intriguing proof design I’m far more likely to remember people talking about it when it’s eventually released. Some of my favourite proof designs that I’ve received include The Last by Hanna Jameson (which features a mobile phone covered in emergency alerts, introducing the story) and Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor (blue sprayed edges <3). When I’m thinking of books which I’ve reviewed to recommend, they stick at the forefront of my mind because of their memorable designs.

8) Intriguing titles

I’m a huge fan of book titles that make books sound like they’re going to be about something completely different. The Smell of Other People’s Houses by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson, The Last Leaves Falling by Fox Benwell… All of these are books that I might not have picked up if they hadn’t had such interesting titles, but surprisingly enough they aren’t informative books about fruit, trees or the various aromas of living rooms across the world.

7) Price

I love a bargain. If there’s a book I’m not too sure about reading and it’s on sale on Kindle or I find it in a charity shop, I suddenly can’t resist throwing it in my basket (even if I haven’t gotten around to reading most of the books I own for this exact reason!).

6) Enthusiastic bloggers

If a blogger I like recommends an author or book, I’m more likely to trust their opinion than I am that of a professional reviewer. I recently bought my first ever Abi Elphinstone book just because of how highly she’s recommended by Aimee over on Twitter, and it’s impossible to resist reading Melinda Salisbury or Maz Evans if you go anywhere near Steph’s blog. I’m also willing to try anything that’s loved by Amy at Golden Books Girl – we have almost identical reading tastes, so if she rates a book highly I’m sure it’s going to knock my socks off!

5) Length

I’ve had to put length in the middle of this post, because it’s not the most important thing I consider when picking up a book but it really does bias me against certain releases. I’m terrified of huge books – A Game of Thrones, The Priory of the Orange Tree and Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy are some off of the top of my head – and if a book is too long then I’m sure to avoid reading it. However, I don’t automatically turn towards shorter releases (unless I’m trying to catch up on my Goodreads challenge #sneaky).

4) Author

As soon as I love a book by an author, they become an autobuy author. This is one of the reasons that I love reading debut authors so much: Sara Barnard, Lisa Williamson, Melinda Salisbury, Kathleen Glasgow, Marieke Nijkamp, Laura Steven… The list is practically endless, but they’re all authors who blew me away with their debuts and whose releases I eagerly anticipate.

3) Hype

Hype is a contradictory one. As soon as a book is hyped I buy it instantly – Turtles All the Way Down by John Green, The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas – but it takes me YEARS to actually get around to reading them because I’m so certain that they aren’t going to live up to my expectations. It’s definitely one of the primary reasons that I buy books, but it’s the furthest down the list when it comes to actually making me read the book.

2) Cover

The only thing that’s surprising about me putting covers as a reason I pick up books is that it’s not the highest thing on my list. I am so biased towards beautiful books. If I pick up a book with a boring cover and I love it I find myself getting so surprised, and if a gorgeous book disappoints me it feels like the end of the world!

1) New releases on Borrowbox

I only started using Borrowbox last year, but it is ADDICTIVE. Every week I check the new releases in the young adult and children’s genres and I find myself inundated with brand new titles, some of which I haven’t even heard of! It’s awful, because it means I’ve stopped prioritising all of the NetGalley books which I have to review, but I’ve also found some absolute gems so I’m going to continue doing it (until I run out of new releases, which will literally never happen).

I hope you enjoyed this Top Ten Tuesday post! What’s the one thing that makes you instantly grab a book off of the shelf?