Review: Vote For Effie by Laura Wood

Review: Vote For Effie by Laura Wood

Effie Kostas is new at school and she’s struggling to fit in. She’s intelligent and confident, but she feels basically invisible until she gets into an argument with Aaron Davis – Student Council President – when he abuses his lunch pass privilege to buy the last piece of chocolate cake (a slice which was rightfully Effie’s, thank you very much!). Effie decides she can’t stand Aaron Davis, and the only way to defeat her nemesis is to take his presidency… And his lunch pass with it.

I borrowed Vote For Effie from the library on a whim because it had an interesting cover, and I’m so glad I did.

When I was at school I was one of those people who pretended not to care about anything because it wasn’t cool. I acted derisively towards anyone who felt passionate about school issues, and that’s something which I really regret now that I’m older. I shouldn’t have let other people’s attitudes change mine, because it’s cool to care!

Effie Kostas is exactly the kind of strong-minded female character I wish I’d read when I was younger, and Vote For Effie is a book which would have had a really positive impact on me. Effie stands up for herself without hesitation, and her determined approach to the election attracts supporters very quickly. Seeing a character who cares about school getting respect rather than ridicule is refreshing.

Younger readers might find the language in Vote For Effie difficult at points, as she’s a highly intelligent character and uses words that you don’t often find in middle-grade novels. However, that will help readers to expand their vocabulary in a natural way (while expanding their knowledge of feminism, too – icons of the women’s rights movement are name-dropped regularly throughout!).

I wasn’t sure whether to give Vote For Effie four or five stars for most of the book, but the ending tipped it into five star territory for me. I’m not going to tell you whether Aaron or Effie win the election, but I will tell you that the importance of trying – whether you succeed or not – is highly emphasised, and that’s another lesson which I’m glad Laura Wood decided to teach her readers.

Although I haven’t read any of Laura Wood’s other novels yet, I’m planning on picking up A Sky Painted Gold within the next few weeks as it’s just been shortlisted for the YA Book Prize 2019. I’m looking forward to seeing whether I enjoy her YA novel as much as this MG.

If you know any young females who need empowering, recommend Vote For Effie to them. You won’t regret it, and they’ll certainly thank you for it.