Blog tour: Trapped by Nick Louth

Blog tour: Trapped by Nick Louth

Hi there! Last week I took part in the blog blitz for Vivian Conroy’s A Testament to Murder and I told you that I had another exciting Canelo blog tour coming up, and today’s the day.

As always, I’m going to give you a bit more information about the book before I share my thoughts on it. Hold onto your seatbelts, because this is going to be a bumpy ride.

The cover of Nick Louth’s Trapped

Two desperate criminals. Something she never saw coming. A searing suspense thriller from bestselling author Nick Louth.

In Manchester, two hardened gang members on the run take Catherine Blake and her one-year-old son hostage at gunpoint. She is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Held in a Transit van, Catherine needs a plan fast. But it means diving into her captors’ risk-drenched world, and playing them at their own game.

Catherine has been through cancer, miscarriages and five draining years of IVF in order to have her son Ethan. He is the most precious thing in the world. She may be terrified out of her wits, but she’d do anything to protect him. Anything, no matter the cost…

Brace yourself.

A nerve-shredding suspense thriller you won’t believe until you have experienced it yourself, Trapped is perfect for fans of Cara Hunter, J.P. Delaney and Rachel Abbott.

Trapped is a standalone, following Nick Louth’s highly successful releases The Body in the Marsh, The Body on the Shore and Heartbreaker. If you’re interested in ordering a copy, you can get it on Amazon for only £1.99!

It’s difficult to write a review of a book like Trapped without giving away any spoilers, but I’m going to try my hardest.

The majority of Trapped is narrated by Catherine’s husband, Geoffrey. I was hooked by the writing style instantly because it’s very similar to The Innocent’s Story by Nicky Singer, which is one of my favourite books.

Geoffrey is fatally struck by the kidnappers’ vehicle as they take his wife and child, giving him the ability to move freely between the minds of each of the characters. This allows the audience to have a behind the scenes look at the thoughts and motivations of each of the kidnappers and Catherine herself, but also lets us look into the minds of the hardworking police officers and siege negotiators who strive for a peaceful end to the confrontation.

Nick Louth has obviously researched the subject extremely thoroughly, with the attention to detail completely absorbing you into the story and making you feel as though you’re watching the events play out on a live news broadcast.

However, a twist towards the end of the story dampened my satisfaction of the book. It felt like a neat and well-crafted thriller, but the second half of the story causes the events to unravel slightly, and no matter how much explanation is weaved through the book it still feels as though there are a few holes in the story. That’s the only reason I didn’t give Trapped five stars, deciding instead to give it four. I can’t go into my specific reasons for that without giving everything away, so I’d recommend you pick up a copy and find out for yourself what I mean!

About the author:

Nick Louth is a best-selling thriller writer, award-winning financial journalist and an investment commentator. A 1979 graduate of the London School of Economics, he went on to become a Reuters foreign correspondent in 1987. It was an experience at a medical conference in Amsterdam in 1992, while working for Reuters, that give him the inspiration for Bite, which was self-published in 2007 and went on to become the UK No. 1 Kindle best-seller for several weeks in 2014 before being snapped up by Sphere. It has sold a third of a million copies, and been translated into six languages.

The terrorism thriller Heartbreaker was published in June 2014 and received critical acclaim from Amazon readers, with a 4.6 out of 5 stars on over 100 reviews. Mirror, Mirror, subtitled ‘When evil and beauty collide’, was published in June 2016. The Body in the Marsh, a crime thriller, was published by Canelo in September 2017.

Freelance since 1998, he has been a regular contributor to the Financial Times, Investors Chronicle and Money Observer, and has published seven other books. Nick Louth is married and lives in Lincolnshire.

I hope you enjoyed my stop on the Trapped blog tour! If you’ve read any of Nick Louth’s other novels, please let me know which one you’d recommend I read next. I’m certainly intending to read more of his work after enjoying this one so much.