Top Ten Tuesday: Places I want to visit

Top Ten Tuesday: Places I want to visit

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is supposed to be all about the places in books that you want to visit, but I was having a hard time coming up with a list of books that featured the places that I want to visit.

Instead, I’ve decided to talk about the ten places that I want to visit most in the entire world (some linked to bookish reasons, some just because!).

10) Marrakech

There’s something about the beautiful architecture of Marrakech that has always captivated me, and I would love to see it in real life. The busy market squares are particularly famous, and although I’ve heard that they are similar across Morocco I’ve also been told that none really hold a candle to the atmosphere in Marrakech.

9) South Africa

Having grown up being absolutely obsessed with Wild at Heart, it’s not a surprise that one of my dream holiday locations is South Africa. Going on safari and seeing giraffes, lions and elephants in the wild would be an unforgettable experience.

8) Hawaii

My boyfriend travelled to Hawaii in October 2017 for his mum’s wedding, and the pictures that he took while he was there are unbelievably beautiful. There are even black sand beaches, which was something I’d never even heard of before he went!

7) Japan

There’s one reason particular reason I want to visit Japan – to visit the Pokémon store in Tokyo. I have loved Pokémon since I was very little and have seen so many pictures and videos of other people’s trips to the store, and I think I’d absolutely love it there.

6) Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

I absolutely love walking, regularly walking a minimum of 10km each and every day. Arthur’s Seat is the end of a two hour walk, the main peak of a group of hills in Scotland, and I’ve heard so much about the awe-inspiring view that I would love to see it for myself one day. I’m also pretty sure it’s where Steffi and Rhys walk to in Sara Barnard’s A Quiet Kind of Thunder (but it’s been a couple of years since I read it, so don’t quote me on that!) and it’s also definitely mentioned in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

5) New Zealand

AJ, who used to contribute the Travel Thursday posts over on Everything Alyce, is from New Zealand, and he’s one of my oldest friends even though I’ve never met him in real life. I’d love to get to visit New Zealand and meet him one day, and see the bountiful amounts of sheep that he promises me cover the hills.

4) Pacific Coast Highway, California

The Pacific Coast Highway is meant to be one of the most gorgeous drives you’ll ever experience, which is why it’s so commonly featured in movies and TV shows. I’d love to be able to see the view of the ocean from this road.

3) German Christmas markets

I almost went on a trip to the Christmas markets in Germany while I was in school, but I wasn’t the most socially comfortable person so I decided to stay at home instead. My best friend visited there with her boyfriend last year, though, and took some gorgeous pictures that made me really want to go myself! Hopefully I’ll be able to get there some day.

2) Australian outback

I’ve always wanted to see a red sand desert, and the creatures of Australia absolutely fascinate me so it would be awesome to see kangaroos out in the wild in their natural habitat.

1) Paris

The setting of so many of my favourite books – particularly Anna and the French Kiss! – Paris is one of those places that I’ve always wanted to visit for so many reasons. The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Arc de Triomphe… And, of course, Shakespeare and Company, which was the top of my bookstores I want to visit list!

I hope you enjoyed this Top Ten Tuesday. Have you ever visited any of these locations, or are they on your travel bucket list too?