Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite couples

Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite couples

As it’s Valentine’s day in two days, this week’s Top Ten Tuesday is focused on the ten best couples in books. I couldn’t think of ten bookish couples which didn’t feature ones I’d already gushed about in the past, so I’ve decided to pick couples from a few places. There’s even a few real couples in this list, because their romances are just too cute!

10) Hazel and Daisy – the Murder Most Unladylike series

This is cheating because Hazel and Daisy aren’t in a romantic relationship, but they are best friends who solve mysteries together. Their friendship is one of the best I’ve read, and with the word ‘couple’ being synonymous with ‘duo’, this investigating team deserved an honourable mention.

9) Sydney and Jean – The Truth About Keeping Secrets by Savannah Brown

I’ve only recently read The Truth About Keeping Secrets, but Sydney and Jean’s relationship is so realistic. They become close after Sydney’s dad – Jean’s therapist – dies, helping each other deal with their grief and slowly turning from friends into something more. I’m not exaggerating when I say slowly, as Jean is in a relationship with a guy for the majority of the book, but as it’s being marketed as f/f YA I’m not counting that as a spoiler!

8) Gerard and Lyn-Z Way

Gerard of My Chemical Romance and Lyn-Z of Mindless Self Indulgence are more private now, but the beginning of their relationship was the stuff dreams were made of. He proposed to her on Warped tour, for god’s sake! You can’t get more pop-punk than that.

7) Lights and Beau Bokan

Lights and Beau Bokan are another adorable musical couple. Their daughter, Rocket (side note: what a cool name for a kid!) is adorable, even providing vocals on one of the songs on blessthefall’s latest album, Hard Feelings.

6) Beast Boy and Tara –Teen Titans

I recently started watching Titans, the Netflix take on one of my favourite superhero teams, but it’s just made me nostalgic for the animated series of my childhood. Beast Boy and Tara were the first couple I ever shipped, way back before I even knew what shipping was, but my feelings for them are as strong today as they were the first time I watched the show.

5) Travis Clark and Jenny Robinson

Travis, frontman of We The Kings, and his wife Jenny are just so cute together. They recently announced that they were expecting their third child in the most adorable way – if your heart doesn’t melt watching the video, there must be something wrong with you.

4) Brendon and Sarah Urie

Brendon and Sarah Urie are a cute couple, although their adoration for each other can be a bit sickening sometimes (just listen to Sarah Smiles, the song Brendon wrote for Sarah just after they got together!).

3) Zorie and Lennon –Starry Eyes by Jenn Bennett

Starry Eyes may be my favourite contemporary ever. I read it in the summer and I haven’t stopped going on about it since. It’s just wonderful. Not only is there an enemies-to-lovers situation going on, it’s also forbidden love (Zorie’s dad hates Lennon) which is totally realistic, featuring discussions regarding safe sex (and as much sex as you’d expect two teenagers to have while camping alone together in the middle of nowhere!).

2) Eleanor and Chidi – The Good Place

I only discovered The Good Place a few months ago, but I have SO MANY FEELINGS regarding Eleanor and Chidi. I’m a sucker for the idea of soulmates, so as soon as they were introduced to each other I was open to the idea of them developing a real relationship, and watching their friendship grow over the seasons has made me think that they might be the TV couple that I’ve shipped hardest in a good few years.

1) Josh Dun and Debby Ryan

When Josh Dun and Debby Ryan split up, I was absolutely devastated. They’d seemed to cute and happy together, so to see them separated – while obviously still filled with respect for each other, celebrating each other’s achievements – was bittersweet. When they finally got back together I was overjoyed, so you can imagine how hard I cried when they announced their engagement at the end of last year. Josh and Debby are proof that sometimes people need to grow apart to grow back together, and they seem stronger than ever now.

I hope you enjoyed this Top Ten Tuesday! Who are your favourite couple of all time?