Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I Discovered in 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I Discovered in 2018

Hey guys! This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is another fun topic, especially because I pushed myself out of my comfort zone last year and discovered quite a few new authors who became instant favourites. I think some of you will be surprised that I waited as long as I did before reading books from some of these authors, but if any of you haven’t tried them yet I highly recommend all of them.

10) C.J. Skuse

Surprisingly, I read both of C.J. Skuse’s adult releases – Sweetpea and In Bloom – in 2018, but I still haven’t read any of her YA novels. I’ve owned a couple of them for a few years but haven’t felt compelled to pick them up, but Sweetpea was utterly gripping and I really enjoyed the first installment in Rhiannon’s story.

9) Sophie Cameron

Sophie Cameron’s debut novel, Out of the Blue, was released in 2018, so it’s not a surprise that I first read one of her books in 2018. But I’d been following Sophie’s Twitter since her publishing deal was announced, so I’d been anticipating it for a while!

8) Philip Pullman

This might be cheating, because I still haven’t finished Northern Lights (I’m good at procrastinating, and I own this in a hardback bind-up of the entire trilogy which is just too heavy to read while juggling a wriggly baby!) but I thoroughly enjoyed the first half of the story. I can’t believe I waited as long as I did to experience Philip Pullman’s writing, which is magnificent.

7) Sally Nicholls

I only read Things a Bright Girl Can Do because it was shortlisted for the YA Book Prize, and I always make the effort to read every book on the shortlist. Sally Nicholl’s epic feminist YA novel was very enjoyable and I’m planning on reading more of her books soon, especially because friends have been recommending her work to me since All Fall Down was published back in 2012.

6) Emily Barr

Another author who I finally read thanks to the YA Book Prize. When Emily Barr’s debut, The One Memory of Flora Banks, was released, it seemed as though EVERYONE was reading and absolutely loving it. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that one of the things that scares me away from books quicker than anything is hype… So although I was really excited to read this book, I was too nervous about it. I’m so glad that I finally got past that, because Flora’s story is brilliant.

5) Mel Darbon

I read Rosie Loves Jack without knowing much about it, as I only borrowed it because it was new to the library eBook app and it had a pretty cover. Rosie has Down’s syndrome and runs away from home because her parents won’t let her see her boyfriend, Jack, resulting in a harrowing plot which explores the good and bad sides of humanity.

4) Marie Lu

Marie Lu is one of those authors everyone loves, but I’d been too scared to actually try any of her novels. I’ve still only read one of her books – her Batman novel, Nightwalker – but it did the unthinkable: it made me like Batman. That’s proof that Marie has a serious talent.

3) Adam Silvera

I didn’t start reading Adam Silvera’s novels until the end of the year, but I read two of them back to back in December. There were a lot of similarities between them making it hard to distinguish between the two stories at points, so I’m going to wait a while before trying They Both Die at the End and More Happy Than Not, but I can definitely see what all of the fuss is about.

2) Jenn Bennett

Jenn Bennett’s Starry Eyes might have been my favourite read of 2018. It was certainly the one that I found most heartwarming and comforting, especially because I read it at a time when I was hardly getting any sleep! Zorie and Lennon kept me company during a pretty difficult time, feeling more like friends than characters on a page, so I’m looking forward to making friends with more of Bennett’s characters this year.

1) Robin Stevens

The best discovery I made in 2018 was Robin Stevens and her Murder Most Unladylike series. I don’t often binge-read series – I intend to but I never follow through, abandoning ship two or three books in – but I only have one book in the series to read and then I’m completely up to date (and that book was only published in October). I’m even considering re-reading them because I love them that much, and that’s something I hardly ever do.

I hope you enjoyed this Top Ten Tuesday! Did you discover a new favourite author in 2018?