Blogtober Day 1: Launch post

Blogtober Day 1: Launch post

Hi guys,

I’m really disappointed in myself, because it’s been almost a month since I’ve blogged. I’ll be honest, I thought it was two weeks at the most… Until I logged in and saw my last post date, and was kind of horrified. Where did September go?

Work is still busier than I’d expected, but with a couple of new employees starting last week it should calm down over the next month or so. The baby is still time-consuming (duh!) but she’s getting better at entertaining herself, so I should find it easier to squeeze in blogging time. Buying a house is still the slowest process I’ve ever undergone… But we’ve been told that we should ideally be moving in the second week of October, so we can keep our fingers crossed on that one.

It’s probably not the best idea to even consider attempting Blogtober – I mean I literally just said that we’re probably moving house in two weeks, so I’m going to be pretty busy as it is! – but I’ve missed blogging. It’s a great outlet, and it’s always helped me channel my creative side. I’ve been getting stressed and anxious a lot more recently, and I think the lack of blogging is adding to that. I’m a writer, and when I don’t write I feel restless and unhinged.

Hopefully I can use Blogtober to catch up on all of the reviews that I’ve intended on posting throughout the past six months that I’ve just never gotten around to. There are going to be some bittersweet moments (reviewing We Came As Romans’ triumphant headline show at Thekla in Bristol is going to be heartbreaking since the loss of vocalist Kyle Pavone) but there are also going to be some fun moments (Taylor Swift’s show at Wembley Stadium in particular – so many snakes!).

Thank you for sticking with me throughout my least active year of blogging. Hopefully the influx of Blogtober content will make up for the radio silence of the past few months, and it should get the ball rolling so I can actually get back on track.

Are you doing Blogtober? If so, let me know in the comments down below – I’ll be excited to follow your content!