Review: We Come Apart by Sarah Crossan and Brian Conaghan

Review: We Come Apart by Sarah Crossan and Brian Conaghan

I’ve read a few of Sarah Crossan’s novels now, and I’ve had the same problem with a couple of them. There’s no reason for this story to be told in verse. It made sense to have One told in verse – the subject lends itself to the style, which is fragmented and disjointed – but it doesn’t work with We Come Apart. The formatting doesn’t add anything to the story, it just adds tons of unnecessary blank space to each page. It’s a novella masquerading as a full-length novel.

Because of that, the story is unsatisfying. Despite being over 300 pages in length, hardly anything happens. Jess and Nicu meet, they become good friends, they’re both unhappy with their lives so decide to run away… And that’s it. There’s no resolution. The ending is unsatisfactory, and the events escalate ridiculously rapidly: so quickly, in fact, that I needed to read the last few chapters twice to fully digest what was happening. That would be annoying by itself, but it’s even more irritating because so little happens throughout the first three quarters of the story.

I still gave it three stars because it wasn’t dreadfully bad, it just wasn’t what I was expecting. I haven’t read any of Brian Conaghan’s writing before and I wondered whether the chapters would alternate between verse and prose, so I wasn’t anticipating for the entire story to be told in verse. That’s my own fault and I can’t blame the book for it, but it left me feeling flat and disinterested.


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I’m sure We Come Apart will appeal to a lot of people, but I think I need to call it quits and admit that Crossan’s writing really isn’t for me. Are you a fan of verse, or would you rather read prose?