Review: The Unmumsy Mum by Sarah Turner

Review: The Unmumsy Mum by Sarah Turner

‘When people declare “You can’t say that!”, what they really mean is “You can think it, but you mustn’t say it.” I don’t think keeping thoughts to yourself makes them any less real.’

I started reading The Unmumsy Mum while I was pregnant and was planning on finishing it before my due date, but with baby arriving ten days early I had to put it off. I’m so grateful that I did, because reading this as a new mum is a reassuring experience.

My first couple of weeks as a new parent were unbelievably easy, which is why it was a massive shock to the system between weeks two and three when my daughter went through a growth spurt. She was already a hungry baby, but suddenly she was feeding nonstop and it was mentally and physically draining. My days were filled with crying, and I’m not talking about baby’s!

During one of these manic feeding sessions I used my free hand to continue reading The Unmumsy Mum and suddenly I was crying tears of laughter rather than pain. Not only is Sarah Turner easy to relate to, she’s also hilarious: she can get a laugh out of the most horrendous experiences, and she had me giggling uncontrollably during one of the hardest days of my life (the hardest day of my life as a parent – so far!)

One of the most comforting sections of The Unmumsy Mum comes when Turner discusses the heat of the moment comments that she’s made, and the fact that it’s completely fine to say those things when it’s obvious that you don’t mean them. This dispelled a lot of the guilt I’d been feeling. During the toughest moments I’d asked my partner if we’d really made the right decision keeping our baby (duh, of course we have!) while sobbing my heart out because I felt like the scum of the earth for even entertaining such a notion.

Turner helps you feel like you’re not alone, and that’s one of the things that makes this book so important. She’s so unflinchingly honest about the pros and cons of parenthood, so every single mother, father or parent-to-be is bound to relate to at least one of her stories. In fact, it’s even worth reading if you don’t have kids: you’ll be able to laugh at all of the crazy people who decide to embark on this ridiculously impractical journey!


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