Cover reveal: Balam, Spring by Travis M. Riddle

Cover reveal: Balam, Spring by Travis M. Riddle

Another week, another cover reveal! I’ve hosted a couple recently, but this is a very exciting one.

Balam, Spring is the second book by an author whose debut I loved, but it’s a completely different genre to his first book, WondrousThat means the cover is also vastly different, which is exciting!

Before I show you, I want to tell you a little bit more about the story:

Balam is a sleepy town on the eastern coast of Atlua, surrounded by forest and sea. It’s a village where nothing happens and everybody knows each other. But now, people are dying.

School is out for the spring, and schoolteacher Theodore Saen is ready to spend the next few months relaxing with his family. But when the town’s resident white mage falls ill and several townspeople begin to show similar symptoms, they must call on a new mage. Aava has freshly graduated from the nearby mage academy when she is swiftly hired to deduce the cause of the unknown illness and craft a cure before the entire town is afflicted. Aiding her is an ex-mercenary named Ryckert who keeps to himself but has grown bored with retirement and is itching for a new investigation when a suspicious young man appears in the local pub the same night the sickness begins to spread.

On top of it all, whatever is causing the sickness seems to be attracting strange insectoid creatures from the surrounding woods, desecrating the bodies of the victims and tearing through anyone unlucky enough to cross their path. Theo, Aava, and Ryckert must come together to discover the cause of the illness and put a stop to it before there is nobody left alive in Balam.

I’m already hooked. A race against the clock to save an entire town?! I’ll admit, it sometimes takes me a while to get into fantasy novels, but because Wondrous blended fantasy with middle-grade and I enjoyed that, I’m hoping that Riddle’s writing style is going to suck me straight back in.

I think it’s time to look at the cover, don’t you? Start scrolling!








Balam Spring by Travis M. Riddle cover reveal

I can’t think of a single book that looks like this, and I’m absolutely in love with it! (I’ve been a sucker for flocks of birds in flight since All Time Low’s So Wrong, It’s Right was released, though – they’re my Achilles heel!).

The cover for Balam, Spring features illustrations by Amir Zand – I highly recommend checking out more of his work.

About the author:Travis M. Riddle


Travis M. Riddle lives with his pooch in Austin, TX, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in English Writing & Rhetoric at St. Edward’s University. His work has been published in award-winning literary journal the Sorin Oak Review.


If you love the cover for Balam, Spring as much as I do, make sure to visit Riddle on Goodreads or Twitter to let him know!

I hope you enjoyed this cover reveal. Have you read Wondrous yet? If not, why not? Leave your comments down below!