British Books Challenge 2018

British Books Challenge 2018

Over the past couple years, I’ve seen so many people participating in the British Books Challenge and absolutely LOVING it. However, signing up myself has always slipped my mind: I’ve been too busy working, or had too many other books to read.

This year, though, I’ve decided that it’s time to participate. It helps that the choices for this month are so great: The Fandom by Anna Day (which I got an ARC of at YALC way, way back in July but STILL haven’t read!) and The Sacrifice Box by Martin Stewart.

What is the British Books Challenge?:

The aim of the British Books Challenge is to read a book a month by an author who:

  • was born in the UK, lives in the UK or is published in the UK
  • was born overseas but lives in the UK, and their books are published in the UK first
  • was born in the UK but lives overseas, and their books are published in the UK first

Twelve books isn’t many, so if one of your New Year’s resolutions was to read more, this is the perfect way to do it without overwhelming yourself. You don’t even need to read the titles that are chosen that month (but if you do, and you submit a review of one of them, you get an extra entry to win a prize pack – that’s a nice incentive!).

What are you planning to read?:

I’m not completely sure yet. I’ve decided that I’d like to read the two books selected each month – that way I’ll be reading titles I wouldn’t necessarily choose for myself – but I’m also planning to get to the ten books pictured below (at least!):

Click on the book cover to visit its Goodreads page and see more about it!


Are you planning on participating in the British Books Challenge? If you’re still not convinced and want more information, visit Chelley’s sign-up masterpost here. I’m looking forward to reading more British Books with you soon!